Tips From a Publisher with the Heart of a Writer: Featured Article by J.D. Scott

          J.D. Scott’s article “Tips from the Publisher with a Heart of a Writer” is featured in                                                                                    Madi Preda’s  HOW TO PROMOTE AND MARKET YOUR BOOK Publicists Tips & Tricks.                                                                                    Have you self published a book only to have your sales fizzle out?  Don’t give up, you just need a new plan of attack. It’s all about marketing, and this book will get you on the right path!

How to Promote and Market Your Book cover

How to make the most of social media marketing, where do you start? You need detailed, accessible and practical advice on what to do and how to do it. Planning and research are often forgotten in the rush of getting a book published. Drawing up a marketing plan and carefully thought out campaign are the only ways to ensure the success of your book and to meet the readers’ requirements. Initiate these concepts and you will see the benefits immediately!

Who is it For?: Any author who wants to create and launch a successful book, or people who chose publishing as a career.

What Will it Help You Do?: This guide walks you through the development of author’s brand and improving sales. Madi Preda covers a wide range of topics: brainstorming, marketing plans for different genres, figuring out your target market and the right niche, designing a website or a media press kit, dealing with social media, using email marketing and a book launch to be remembered.

What is Included?: This efficient guide includes valuable resources lists, such as book bloggers, publishers, literary agents, newspapers and magazines, independent booksellers, Facebook groups, sites to promote a book, and radio shows for authors. Following the author’s lists you can pitch media, request an interview, send newsletters to booksellers, and set up your virtual tour. How to Promote and Market Your Book provides concepts, terms, tactics, new techniques and innovative strategies.

In part two of the book, are comprehensive case studies on marketing and PR campaign, full of smart and efficient ideas, detailed strategies with links, worksheets and checklists. You won’t just receive the information — the case studies will analyze the campaign and the target audience, media pitch and book tour.

How to Promote and Market Your Book by Madi Preda offers a valuable edge and the tools to promote your book and your author’s brand.

The author uses personal experience as a publicist, and she takes the time to walk you through the process. Get ready for success!

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