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The Disillusionment
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Nothing of significance ever happened on Pleasant Avenue in the sleepy town of Prescott, Arizona. That is, nothing you’ve ever heard about….

On Anahera Daniels’ 18th birthday, she wakes from a disturbing nightmare, only to walk into another. After overhearing life-shattering news that her parents aren’t who she thought they were, she questions her place among family, friends, and in the heart of Nathan, her high school crush. Ana’s life splinters into two realities when strange dreams develop into a newfound ability to Travel between Earth and the world of Posternis.

A world away, Ana finds herself wounded and fleeing from a dark-winged creature when she collides into Adrian, an attractive Posternis native. Accepting the help of his outstretched hand unknowingly binds their fates together. Ana’s fierce determination drives her search to unravel the mystery of her biological parents and their connection with the Cozen, the gargoyle-like creatures seemingly bent on her destruction.

Armed with only her sarcastic wit and a pocketknife, Ana must decipher where her loyalties lie and choose between two worlds and two loves before the deadly side effects of Traveling end her life altogether.

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