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Anahera Daniels fights through heartache and hatred to ultimately fulfill her destiny in, The Restoration.

Nathan and Anahera Travel to Prescott to discover they’ve dropped into the center of a carefully-laid trap by her evil twin sister, Scythia. After a daring escape, Nathan is wounded, and stays behind to test an experimental medical procedure on Scythia with hopes of extracting information, but will they turn her into someone they can trust?

The internal war rages on as Anahera struggles with feelings of contempt toward the Cozen and resentment of their return to power under Queen Liraz’s rule. Once again Anahera is faced with enlisting the assistance of the Cozen and coming face to face with their destructive power.

With her family, and the town of Prescott, held hostage, Anahera and Adrian are forced to Travel to the creature-infested, swampy world of Varan on a mission to retrieve the Unity Stone. Without fully understanding its power and the ramifications that will follow, they return to make the tense exchange. Despite her best efforts, Anahera’s plans crumble one by one, leaving her with a single choice that could save her world—but end her life as she knows it…forever.

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