Great, you’re Published. Now What?

Join us for Published Authors Seminar for Success!

Are you a self published author? Or a writer considering taking the next step? Have you been published awhile and feel like you are losing your spark? Want to take your sales to the next level? Then you’re not going to want to P.A.S.S. on this seminar!
We will be addressing how to use social media, the best ways to market yourself, and what you can  do to push your book to the next level. Guest speakers will be sharing how they have boosted their sales and Speaking Up Marketing will be there to give you tips that every self published author needs to know.

All authors are welcome to bring books for display and sale.

Saturday, March 28th, 9am to 12pm – Calvary Community Church 12612 N. Black Canyon Highway, Phoenix, AZ, rm #301 [North side] – Cost $10, 2 for $15, FREE for A Book’s Mind published authors – Register Here


Readers and Writers, are you going?

Join me, J.D. Scott, at the Tuscon Festival of Books Saturday, March 14th. I have the pleasure of vending alongside countless talented authors. You’ll be able to find my books, 1 & 2 of The Anahera Daniels Series, at the Richer Life Radio booth on Saturday only, from 9:30-11:30am and 3:30-5:30pm.

Come and mingle among your people and the paper. It’s a great time to stock up on your book collection, or pre-buy gifts for the year. See you there! #bookfestival #amwriting #readers #bookworm

To see who else will be at The Richer Life Booth, click the link below…

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Join J.D. Scott: Four Author Book Launch


J.D. Scott releases her second book in the Anahera Daniels Series, The Emergence!

 A Book’s Mind Publishers Present:
Benjamin Phillips, Eonian
Joann Burkholder, Becoming an Oak of Righteousness
J.D. Scott, The Emergence of Anahera Daniels
BW4C, Shades of Black and Blue
Come enjoy live music, refreshments, raffle drawings & prizes, interviews, book signings, and meet and greet the authors.
Four Author Book Launch
Friday, November 14th, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Hosted by: Calvary Community Church 
(NW corner of 59th Ave & Bell Rd)
6060 W. Bell Road, Glendale, AZ 85308

Can’t make it to this fabulous event? No problem, order your books from the links below…
Pre-order paperback copies of The Emergence at: 
Need to catch up and read The Disillusionment?
Pre-order The Disillusionment eBook in Other Times & Other Worlds, 8 novel boxed for set for $3.99 at:  Due for release Nov. 14th
Order paperback copies of The Disillusionment at:

The Good, the Bad, the Challenges of Publishing

Want to learn more about publishing from the personal experiences of  authors? Tune in Oct. 2nd for a live interview…

“Okay. You just wrote the most beautiful, thought-provoking words in the English language. You feel that you have written the best story you possibly can. Now that your manuscript is complete, you are ready to get published. You send out query letters and get no responses. You seek niche publishers and find no interest. You settle for a quality self-publishing partner and finally get your new book in print and/or in the eBook catalogs. Your family, friends and close acquaintances love your work. You feel personally fulfilled. However, it’s a year later and only a handful of your books have been sold. Here’s the sad truth: most people who write a book will never get it published, half the writers who are published won’t see a second book in print, and most books published by so-called major publishers are never reprinted. What’s more, half the titles in any given bookshop won’t sell a single copy there, and most traditionally published writers won’t earn anything from their book apart from the advance. However, a rare few will ignore all this and succeed, but they’re the lottery winners. Everyone else has to work at it. How to best understand the good, the bad and the challenges of the book publishing business?”  #radiointerview #selfpubproblems

Join us for a live interview where we will be discussing these topics and more. Call in with questions, or interact online.

October 2, 2014, 6pm (AZ Time) – LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio

Or call the Toll Free number (855) 345-4714 to listen if you do not have browser access (You WILL NOT be asked to go on air for a question or comment) The show automatically starts at 9:00 Eastern, 8:00 Central and 6:00 PM Pacific & AZ time. We end at 6:45 PM Pacific & AZ time

Jenene Scott – Publisher, Literary Coach and Author of The Disillusionment of Anahera Daniels

Benjamin Phillips – Author of the YA Science Fiction novel, Eonian

Joann Burkholder – Author of the non-fiction counseling novel, Becoming an Oak of Righteousness

BW4C – Author of Shades of Black and Blue, a story of abuse and healing through poetry

Tips From Your Publisher: Do you have Analysis Paralysis?

1378858_577260572340905_836800784_nI’m not sure when it happened. It was subtle, slowly creeping into every area of my life. One day I woke up and my world revolved around writers groups, I had taken up residency in coffee shops with comfortable chairs and lots of outlets, and almost every friend I had was an author, editor, or publisher. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time with writers, both socially and professionally and there is a common thread I see in many of them. Analysis Paralysis.

Have you met them? The ones that spend truck loads of money on conferences, attend creative writing classes, they research how to create story plots, and talk about how they wish they had more time to write. None of these things are bad necessarily, however if you are using them to avoid the obvious, sitting down and doing the work, you may have caught this terrible disease as well.

What’s the cure?


Stop waiting to develop talent, because using the talent you have is the best way to make it stronger. Get an accountability partner that will check in with you and ask how many words you got on paper this week. Take new work to share every time you attend your writers group. Go away, get off the grid and have a writers retreat to refresh yourself. Ultimately, remember, your goal is to write…words on  paper….not think about writing. I’m not saying to eliminate time working on your craft. I lead and attend workshops all the time. I am saying find a balance. Use the gift you have. You won’t get  better studying the game from the bench unless you eventually get in there and play!

Tips From Your Publisher: Synopsis From Hell


Tips From Your Publisher: If you are  traditional or self publishing then you are familiar with the horrors of a synopsis. With traditional publishing, in order to find an agent, you write a query letter that includes all the excitement of your book with a hook that will bait them to want to read more  in about 200 words. For most of us, this is a daunting task to say the least. There are countless online resources to help you do this, but I found reading successful queries over and over while revising my own did me the most good. If self publishing is what you prefer, don’t think you are getting away without writing a synopsis. The back of your book will need a blurb that captures the essence of your book, includes a hook that will leave then wanting more…all in about 200 words. No matter what road you take the success of your book could depend on your synopsis. Here are a few tips that may apply to your synopsis. #writerproblems #abooksmind #tipsfromyourpublisher
1. It should be in third person, no matter how your book is written.
2. Do not mention more than 3 main characters.
3. Stick to the large plot, leave out details.
4. Don’t give away the end of your book.
5. The first sentence should be strong and draw in the reader.
6. Make sure it is well edited!
7. Get the opinions of others.
8. Mention the main obstacle or issue your character faces.
9. Clue the reader in on the setting/time period.
10. Write it well, it represents the quality of the interior, so show off your skills!

Tips From Your Publisher: Perfection Deception






Tips From Your Publisher: Don’t be so hard on yourself. There is no such thing as perfect, especially with a rough draft. Get it all on paper, the whole dirty mess, and then clean it up after. Polish it to the best of your ability. Let others read it and give you their input. Then send it to an editor and trust them to do their job. If you find things you could have done better after it’s printed and distributed, I suggest you let it go. Learn from your mistakes, set the bar higher and do better next time.

#tipsfromyourpublisher #abooksmind #writerproblems #selfpub


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