PenLina’s Craft & Farmer’s Market

Saturdays through February 2016 you can check out an eclectic group of genres from local authors, The Arizona Word Wranglers, ranging from children’s book, middle grade, YA, fiction, non-fiction,  self help, and sci-fi/fantasy. They will be signing books and sharing knowledge with potential writers at:
PenLina’s Craft and Farmers Market
Look for our Author’s Corner at Peoria, AZ 83rd Ave and Stadium Way Blvd.

We will have specials on multiple book purchases, free gifts with purchase, autographed copies, as well as meet and greet with the authors.

Participating Authors:
Alan Black
Kristi Grimm
Alice Voyles
Deborah Piorkowski
Steve Schweterly
Ethan Erway
Carol Rebinski
Joanne Burkholder
Bunny Plaske
J.D. Scott





Congrats from your Publisher

Congratulations Alice on completing your first novella in the series, Stormy Garden, and beginning the publishing process. There are many writers in this world, but few are brave enough to take the next step and become published authors.
I’m proud to walk with you on this venture, and so excited to see where it takes you!
Sincerely, your publisher and fan,
Jenene Scott


How to Organize and Develop Your Writing Ideas

I was featured as a guest blogger by Editing Addict…

Editing Addict, LLC

 Guest Blog by J. D. Scott

You may have had ideas come to you in a flood, or you may labor over them until they’re fully delivered, but they all have one thing in common: they need to be developed into literature. So let’s go over some techniques to help you make the transition from a great idea into a great piece of writing!


  • Do you have a lot of creative ideas for writing?
  • Have you thought of more than you have time to develop?
  • So what do you do with them all?

~ Write them down: An outline or a paragraph for the more complicated ideas, or a sentence describing the simpler ones, will help you retain your thoughts later.

~ Keep them organized: Index cards, filing cabinet, files on your computer, a binder. If you have multiple categories, you may…

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