Tips From Your Publisher: Synopsis From Hell


Tips From Your Publisher: If you are  traditional or self publishing then you are familiar with the horrors of a synopsis. With traditional publishing, in order to find an agent, you write a query letter that includes all the excitement of your book with a hook that will bait them to want to read more  in about 200 words. For most of us, this is a daunting task to say the least. There are countless online resources to help you do this, but I found reading successful queries over and over while revising my own did me the most good. If self publishing is what you prefer, don’t think you are getting away without writing a synopsis. The back of your book will need a blurb that captures the essence of your book, includes a hook that will leave then wanting more…all in about 200 words. No matter what road you take the success of your book could depend on your synopsis. Here are a few tips that may apply to your synopsis. #writerproblems #abooksmind #tipsfromyourpublisher
1. It should be in third person, no matter how your book is written.
2. Do not mention more than 3 main characters.
3. Stick to the large plot, leave out details.
4. Don’t give away the end of your book.
5. The first sentence should be strong and draw in the reader.
6. Make sure it is well edited!
7. Get the opinions of others.
8. Mention the main obstacle or issue your character faces.
9. Clue the reader in on the setting/time period.
10. Write it well, it represents the quality of the interior, so show off your skills!

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