Life is Full of Strife








This may come as a shocker, but there is a lot of pain in this life.

What is pain in the body? It’s an indicator something is wrong. It let’s us know something in our body needs to be attended to. It could be minor, treated with an aspirin and gone the next day. It could be really annoying and last a few days or weeks before we recover. What about the other pain, the sharp stabbing kind that should send you running to the doctor or emergency room? The pain that requires tests and is followed by bills, fear, surgery, or medication. What happens if you ignore it? You could be allowing disease and sickness to run wild in your body. Left unchecked, it could end in serious consequences.

Now, let’s consider mental pain. The kind that twists your gut, the pain you try to bury and pretend it doesn’t exist, but it resurfaces at the worst possible times. The very mention of IT sends you into a downward spiral of tears and despair as if it happened yesterday. What happens when you ignore it? Do you have symptoms of withdrawal, loneliness and fear. Are you allowing sickness to run wild in your relationships? Are their consequences coming down the road, ones that could be prevented?

No, you aren’t the only one pretending it’s not there. And yes, you can be healed.

There are many options out there for healing; counselors, workbooks, therapy groups, journaling, and many more depending on what needs attention. The point is you face it. What you think is a growling, snarling, dog that will devour you in one bite, is nothing more than a cassette tape playing the track of a ferocious beast that has long since passed away. It is a memory. And although it will still hurt to go there, aren’t you hurting yourself by not acknowledging it?

This may send you into the sticky swamp of why! why! why! Here is the hard truth. You may never know why. And not only do you not need to know, you don’t need the confirmation or apology of the ones that have hurt you to move forward in healing. Even if you knew where the cancer came from, how that bone got broken, or why a tumor grew, it will not make it go away or bring the peace you are looking for, it’s only a direction to point a finger.

Make sense of the pain. Have you considered who you would be without the hurt, trials, and strife? Would you be as strong, mature, and intuitive? Would you be able to help others with similar problems, and be as empathetic? After attending your wounds and healing, give back. Help others find their way. You won’t have to look far to find someone who has buried toxic waste in their backyard and  can’t figure out why they are sick. Maybe you should write about your heartache? No else has your story, and who will write it if you don’t? You can find beauty in the ashes.

I can’t leave you without at least one resource. If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, this is a great class. The next one starts April 1st, are you ready to let the healing begin?

Healing From The Inside Out



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  1. well, I guess I understand why you are following me now! Wow! what a first post of YOURS that I would read! thank you for the follow. I am fixing to go through some more “stuff” and yes I have asked why? But the Lord says every time I am in the hospital, there are those people He has for me to share Him with. For some reason, I am the one who has to. But I know I have to share about Him, what He did for me on the Cross, what He does for me every day. That’s why I blog.


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